The thing I am pursuing is like a hazed scene in the your dream,dispearing when I want to have a firm grip of it

Kimono Namae Wa

  Set aside the astonishing movie scenes, the storyline is great with   the maverisk combination of body switching and alternate timelines. Besides, another merit is the way it told the story.Unlike some other movies where the plot is like a straight line developing from a beginning point right to the end. In KNW, it starts from a point in the later half of the storyline and then goes back to the beginning from which the story develops to the end. The hints of the main characters(MC)'life after the major events( after the comet striking and change of the fate of the villiage) at the beginning keep the  audience in suspense until the movie unravels the truth step by step, which makes the watching exciting
  Of the course, the theme of the movie is most awesome. It is a story about love. However what makes it distinguishing from other love stories is that it depicted a kind of love that  is both ordinary and extraordinary. It is ordinary because it is what everyone  can be related to or wish to have,that is, the experience of meeting the right and irreplaceable person, the only one you wish to spend the whole life with. The MCs' intense and inexplicable feeling of the need to search for somebody of whom they don't even know the name  echoes the wish and beliefs hidden in everyone's mind. The wish and beliefs that you will find your destined one in the future. Like MCs kept wondering "kimi no namae wa" in the movie, some times in our teens,we wonder who our partners will be. Like MCs in the movie, our aspiration and beliefs are also inexplicable and irrational, but many still have them more or less.
At the meantime, the love is extraordinarily amazing. It's the love between people living in different timelines which is impossible in daily life. Moreover, it's because of this love that a villiage was saved from a comet. Therefore,the movie is able to make audience feel how beautiful and powerful love can be by connecting people from different time zones and  changing the history of a village. This is what makes the movie touching and exciting!

Some quick comments about Zootopia

   Above all, this is a very well animated movie. Personally speaking, it is animated much better than Kongfu Panda, especially for their vivid expressions, which really captured features of each animals. Moreover, the animals in Zootopia appear way more cute, vivid and impressive than those in Kongfu Panda, which is mainly because of their  personality and emotional fluctuation that's lovely but also  kinda complex and can be related to. 

  The storyline has some parallels with those classic detective movies. A seemingly normal case of missing animals turns out to cover something much bigger, which adds suspense and twists to it. The whole storyline, however, is still relatively straightforward and comprehensible enough for children to enjoy it. 

I think the most impressive  is that  such relaxing movie still reflects a social problem in reality in a very creative way and  makes people to think over it. That is the problem of prejudice and stereotyping; also it raises a question," can people of different races live together peacefully without conflicts? " The happy ending of the movie seems to imply a confirmative answer; however, in reality, it is not that simple and well-addressed . Hence, the movie may have impressed me more if it  ended in a bittersweet way rather than something like a carnival.   


 这是一部很有Feel的番。 有一种让人心碎的唯美贯穿全剧。 略显灰白的调调给人实感,配合夏天的闷热感,奠定了一种无奈的悲剧基调。 音乐为点睛之笔, 爆炸场景时紧凑节奏烘托紧张氛围, 特别是9逃出研究所的回忆部分做得特别有感觉, 不是正真的回忆杀,没有对话, 而是以传神的压抑紧张的音乐和苍白的场景取而代之, 不选择正常的故事口吻叙述, 而是将重点放在情感的表达方面, 音乐和画面相结合, 比喋喋不休的嘴炮效果好好几倍。虽然没有给出明确的故事线索, 但靠生锈的栅栏, 穿着白衣逃亡的少年们, 落后跌倒的少女足够让观者自行推测出大体的情况。 这种暧昧模糊的情景给人沉重压抑的噩梦之感,而9其实也的确被这个梦困扰,没道明的情节也给人留下悬念。

故事的以解谜的方式发展, 期间的谜题和斗智,以及各种爆炸的命悬一线之感让剧情扣人心弦紧张刺激。 最后揭露谜底, 整个故事也从一般的悬疑片上升到一曲只为让埋在黑暗中的真相大白而精心谱写的悲歌。 两个名字和存在被夺走的少年, 即使逃出了死亡的命运, 也永远无法从那些作为试验品活着的日子里走出来。抛下同伴逃跑的少年,并没有自由,他们有的只是逝去的同伴所寄托的希望,还有无法拯救同伴的罪恶感,心已被黑暗掏空的他们与世界格格不入。 背负着所有同伴的记忆与希望,作为那个罪恶的实验和那些牺牲者存在过的证明,生性善良又智慧超群的他们找到了自己存在的意义,选择了以落入黑暗为代价让黑暗里的骇人真相像那颗小行原子弹一样响彻人们心底的道路。 女主Risa是二人计划中的意外, 更是二人特别是12悲壮人生中的一道清泉, 说是清泉是因为它来自和平的日常,而它之所以会流向两个少年脱轨的世界,可能是因为想要逃脱痛苦日常的少女被少年的非日常吸引, 可能是因为两个少年被少女如已故同伴般的迷茫眼神吸引。 少年们的出现,让少女体会了向往的非日常生活; 少女的出现,让少年们触到他们所失去的日常世界的一道光。 与9和12的羁绊成为少女人生中不可磨灭的重要回忆, 而与Risa的羁绊也最终成为了逝去少年存在的鲜活证据。




I realized that, in the twentieth year of my life,  I am still like a child breathing in the cocoon of dream just begining to wake up.

When you want to get rid of bad feelings, the best way is to love them












Sometimes we intentionally make ourselves sick so that we can find a real path for minds